Maintenance Plan

Central Air Conditioning equipment and furnaces are durable and dependable, but like all mechanical equipment they perform best when they are routinely serviced. Living in the desert area with its intense heat in the summer, our equipment takes a lot more abuse than equipment located in areas with cooler temperatures.

With this in mind, River Valley Air Conditioning has started a maintenance program that we would like you to consider putting into action. This program is set up to take care of the maintenance needs of your equipment, and give you the added peace of mind that your system will be operational and able to withstand the extreme temperatures and abuse during the summer and winter months. The best time to have your equipment serviced is before the seasons get into full swing. We recommend that you service your equipment twice a year, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. This service will give your system added equipment life and better operating efficiency.

Once you are signed up for the preventative maintenance program, you are then scheduled for service at your convenience.
Click Here to see a breakdown of the work that is done during these maintenance calls. The cost of the yearly maintenance agreement is $168.00* and is paid when you sign up for the program. This will give you several advantages over our other customers who do not have this agreement. As a maintenance agreement customer you will receive two (2) services to your system, you will receive priority service if any emergency service calls are needed and you will receive a discount for labor and parts on future service calls.

*There is a discount for additional systems for the same address. Price does not include labor or materials for any repairs made to your equipment.

Preventative maintenance does not guarantee that your unit will not have breakdowns, but it does help to catch some of the problems before they arise, and a properly serviced system will save you operating cost and help to prolong the life of your equipment.

As a Maintenance Agreement customer you also receive the following:

  1. Preferred customer status

  2. No overtime charges (After hours or weekends)

  3. Discount on parts and labor

  4. Extended equipment life

  5. Lower operating cost

  6. Maximum system performance

  7. Lower cost for maintenance

  8. Fewer breakdowns

If you are interested in signing up for this maintenance agreement, please contact our office, or ask one of our service technician's to sign you up. Once you have been signed up, you are promptly scheduled for your next maintenance service.

We, at River Valley Air Conditioning are striving for 100% customer satisfaction. As an added bonus, we have changed our parts and labor warranty from (90) days to (1) year. If you should have any suggestions, or complaints, PLEASE call our office and speak with our staff or fill out our Feedback form and submit it to us.

Thank You from,

The Staff at River Valley Air Conditioning

Residential Customers Only. For Commercial quotes please Contact our office.


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